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Where We Stand

Girl Waving US Flag

The Republican Party

Initially united in 1854 by the promise to abolish slavery, the Republican Party has always stood for freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. Today, as those principles come under attack from the far-left, we are engaged in a national effort to fight for our proven agenda, take our message to every American, grow the party, promote election integrity, and elect Republicans up and down the ballot. The principles of the Republican Party recognize the God-given liberties while promoting opportunity for every American.

Our Mission

Our mission as a county party is to be active throughout Monroe County, bring awareness community issues, inform neighbors of the issues, and to empower Republicans across our county to be more engaged in the process. For too long we have been the silent majority and allowed the vocal minority to push their unconstitutional and unAmerican agenda in our communities, our schools, and our local organizations.

Our focus is to establish a functioning and active organization of conservatives working together to realize our vision of a thriving Monroe County Republican Party based on constitutional principles, community engagement, and holding our elected officials accountable.

State of Michigan Capitial Protest
Fourth of July Pin

Our Principles & Positions

Protect the sanctity of life

Freedom of Speech is sacred to a free society

Right to bear arms shall not be infringed

Accountability of elected officials to their constituents

Defend the U.S. Constitution

Parental rights should be respected in schools

Limited government and fiscal responsibility

Election integrity is imperative for a healthy republic

Taxpayers shouldn't be burdened by corporate welfare

Everyone should be treated equally under the law

Our rights to worship and assemble are sacred

God bless our troops, our police, and our teachers

Small businesses are the spine of our local economy

We love our country, our state, and our communities


All American citizens have a responsibility to be involved in the political process.

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